duminică, 21 iunie 2009

brave beige

one of the videos from the performance "size me", by the brave beige

sâmbătă, 20 iunie 2009

there are moments when water on thames is black and beautiful and you don't see the dirt anymore
everything is peaceful and you are home

joi, 18 iunie 2009

PDA = public display of affection

PDLA = public display of love and affection

TMI= too much information

all of them forbidden as touching a child is forbidden

whenever i smile to a child i immediately feel guilty; and people still ask me why don't i want to stay in london after i graduate

i would like to see the londoners' darkest secret fetish fantasies i bet they are sooo bad ass
a guy told me last week that he really doesn't mind goin out with any type of girl, he went out with an afro-american then he went out with a brazilian and he was fascinated by the fact that i'm romanian

i think that all this diversity shit is worse than the nazi camps at least it has the potential

put a CCtV in the brain of the londoners and reinvent horror movies
one day a girl was just so sure that she can take me home with her and because she was drunk, she was already posessing me in her brain, she had the right to just pull me by my sexy yellow belt and drag me to her place oh i just wanna take you home!
i think she even had a little bondage fantasy
of course when we met again she just felt embarrased and said i'm sorry
all these things connect i think i can be such a sweet doll here in london
and omg these people who love really sweet dolls are really dangerous
the quantity of despise they have in their eyes
the quantity of hate they so elegantly repress and call it tolerance
i'm nice, i'm exotic and i'm fun.
i was talking with my friends the other day that we all seem to exagerate our "exotic" cliches just because people react to that and then it all becomes a joke.
i was at the refugees week yesterday at centrepoint and i think more and more that the only thing i respect here in london is people who are really hungry cooking for eachother.

miercuri, 17 iunie 2009

if karate kid and charlie chaplin would have a child i would be their illegal daughter
or a warrior with 1000 de scuturi going down in
the water or somebody shouting under water to keep the flag
keep the flag keep the flag up the water
that moment when you go and undress
without even knowing when u are naked and that moment
of raising your head from the sleep when you thought you were dreaming
and are afraid to not forget what you were thinking about yourself
so you want to put it down and you know it matters
keep the flag up keep the flag up some voice shouts in the back of your head
boiling water and grandpa's laboratory for developing pictures in the bathroom

if only you could remember all these things as if it's always always
the same problem with keeping the present here and the perfect state of being
is the big word amnesia i'm serious about myself and i know

all this shit matters

isn't it like a book i found on a shelf called something about surfing reality
and i was told it's about positive thinking

or was it trans surfing reality

we have to be careful with the right distribution of anger, love
memories, plans and excitement if you are a good gospodar you might
you just might oh if you are a good wise gardener in the garden of your mind and soul
and you handle with care wear with pride

luni, 15 iunie 2009

weekend in the city superstar
gonna miss a lot superstar gonna loose ur way superstar
gonna wonder why doesn't he call gonna just roll
and roll
and roll
always like london in the morning with a pink filter
when all the people u see seem to come from the same party 6 am
and everybody is somebody u know everybody is somebody
been wondering around embankment these days some ghosts
there with me on the bridge beautiful black water
dirty water and last night some guy with a guitar and a microphone
quite heart-breaking folk-ish wow got a bit lost under the london eye
he was singing stand by me and he was from japan or smth and i
was looking at the black waves and thinkin about other forms of life big ben
was there as well near us big ben from english my love big ben from
all the postcards everybody is living his dream and the dreams just
intersect and make a click like electricity when they do
when they don't just leave many ghosts and strange vibrations
frequences u can't quite reach i was watching the sunset in hyde park
with kazu yesterday he was in his world i was in mine
ducks and planes and all that shit no patience sorry
no more patience just clenching fists waitin for the movie to end
generic thank you great acting great conversation great timing now just go home

miercuri, 10 iunie 2009

joi, 4 iunie 2009

dream every night for 4 days now that i'm back home in my sleep i'm back home in bucharest but i wanna go back to london, when i wake up i'm in london and i wanna go back to bucharest.
2day it got a bit different- dreamt that i'm in bucharest and i wanna go back to london and that then i woke up in my dream and was in london and wanted to go back to bucharest. and then I really woke up. in london.

miercuri, 3 iunie 2009