joi, 12 august 2010

the cold song

i don't know if there's any connection btween this

and jmbarrie's melancholic figure and peter pan standing still and me as peter pan and the women in the red light district but i keep on listening to this song on and on and on for a week now, and it sort of gives me the frame for the things i experience and they have a very sharp cold-lit shape through this frame.

miercuri, 4 august 2010

wanna be

emotional trouble. this fucked up romantic utopia that makes us see only the nice stuff. if i could find a way to get rid of that sweet flavoured perception of reality, my oh my, that would be JUUUST precious. seein somebody and not seeing just the best in him, but him/her as a whole. no judgement. i guess not attaching judgemental opinions would be the best start for that. there's no good or bad, it is as it is. not what i want to see in it. not what can please my purring ego that transforms everything into a disgusting jelly disney movie .

haha - i want to be evil- listened to her recently wth 2 occasionally friends. peckham wine till 9 in the morning and watchin

oh of course the sweetest tenderest of them all miss