luni, 15 august 2016


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vineri, 5 august 2016

little spark

she doesn't want to leave the house. in a subtle way, she wants to convinge Jo that it's better inside. she tries to cook. she hates the noise. the neighbors have a small baby. she can't understand why would anyone want to have babies. she tries to fool Jo so he doesn't realize that she is terrified of leaving the house. she's afraid she'll get stabbed or that they'll both die in a suicide bomb attack. it's about how you adapt to this new narrative. do you still go to the concert? do you still go for a walk in your favourite central area? do you start carrying a gun? how do you relate to this and also- how do you tell the others about your fear? do you admit this is really happening or you'll just wait until it fades away? will you live your live indoors from now on?
what other changes will happen around you?